Heat, heat and heat everywhere
A strong smell of smoke in the air,
Searing and scorching all around
It bought the trees to the ground.

Red and orange, look at the glow,
Nothing stood a chance, oh no!
It devoured the trees without a sound
In fumes, smog and soot, they drowned.

Our friends had nowhere to flee
When the orange arms danced in glee,
They looked up to humans for support
We let them down, says a report.

With almost half a billion animals lost
That is not a thing to boast,
Mass murdering weapons, we are
Where are we going with this and how far?

They had no safe home, no shelter,
All they could do is run helter-skelter,
Terror and panic filled their eyes
If only we had done something to stop their cries.

We have killed them all without remorse
The nature will have to run its course,
Humans cannot control Earth
All we can do is show our worth.

Nothing can destroy is what we think
Everything can disappear in a blink,
Earth will prosper without humanity
Then what is all this insanity?

The koala’s charred skin burnt my heart
In a game with nature, we lost our head start,
The sound of their pain echoes in my ears
It will torment me for years and years.

Once again they paid the price
I wish we humans were a little nice,
The lives lost is forever gone,
How many more species should we mourn?

The remaining ones, I pity them most,
Cos’ they have to face the worst.
Their lives will never be the same
For us, it is all just a blame game.

Looking like an image straight from hell
It should have hit a warning bell,
It’s time to change our ways, to conserve,
And yet we do nothing, what a nerve!

There is no alternate Planet B,
Where do we go from here? We must see,
Our planet has always persisted and will live
Nothing but our lives, we can give.

I raise my hand to the firefighters in salute
What they continue to do is not minute,
All the first responders and volunteers,
I am grateful you are here to wipe our friends’ tears.

We must learn to change our ways
For that, we have not years, just days,
There is one last chance to reform
If not, the raging inferno will be the new norm.

Software Engineer • Writer • Traveller • https://www.millastellan.com